Bobinsana (Calliandra Angustifolia)

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Bobinsana (Calliandra Angustifolia)

Bobinsana  is a shrubby tree that grows up to 20 feet in hight. This plants is from the soils of several Amazon Basin countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. Bobinsana is a water loving plant so it can be found in abundance alongside streams and rivers and produces beautiful pink to reddish flowers that resemble powder puffs. 


Benefits and uses

Among the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest Bobinsana is considered a "Plant teacher" that has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years. Some tribes add Bobinsana to their Ayahuasca ceremonial teas because they believe it helps with grief, opens the heart for love and brings more tranquilly and peace to the person. Tribes use Bobinsana for many benefits of which some are listed below:  


-Heart opener/Self love

-healing grief

-Spiritual connection


-Reduces stress

-Rheumatoid arthritis 

-increase energy levels


-Creativity/ Self expression

-Colds and chills


Scientific research has shown that Bobinsana contains COX-inhibitors, the remedy for arthritis. (1)