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"Banisteriopsis Caapi Extract 60ml (2 oz.)"- Sacred Vine Tincture
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Indulge in the profound essence of Banisteriopsis Caapi with our meticulously crafted extract. Our "Banisteriopsis Caapi Extract 60ml (2 oz.)" encapsulates the spiritual journey of the Amazon rainforest, offering a potent and authentic experience for those seeking inner exploration and spiritual awakening.

Sourced from the heart of the Amazon, this premium quality extract delivers the purest form of this revered sacred vine. Each drop is a testament to the ancient wisdom and healing properties of the indigenous tribes who have long revered Banisteriopsis Caapi for its transformative effects.

Unlock the secrets of consciousness and connect with the divine energy of the Amazonian rainforest as you embark on a journey of self-discovery. Our Banisteriopsis Caapi Extract is ideal for spiritual practitioners, adventurers, and those looking to explore the depths of their consciousness.

Infused with the sacred essence of Banisteriopsis Caapi, this tincture offers a holistic approach to well-being, promoting mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. Whether used in ceremonial rituals, meditation practices, or personal exploration, this extract provides a powerful tool for expanding consciousness and accessing higher states of awareness.

Trust in our commitment to quality and purity as you embrace the transformative potential of Banisteriopsis Caapi. Elevate your consciousness and awaken your spirit with our "Banisteriopsis Caapi Extract 60ml (2 oz.)" - the ultimate sacred vine tincture for those on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Ashley Aguilar
Hape and Earrings

The hape is very gentle and loving! The earrings are so beautiful!!

Janice Serrano
Highly Recommended

Great product. Highly recommended, especially if you're planning to attend an Ayahuasca ceremony [took up to 2 days before mine]. Enhances energy, focus, mental clarity.

Helpful Dreams

I take this before bed to help me bring up any buried issues that still need processing, and this has helped me do just that. My dreams have been more meaningful and memorable since taking this. I am so grateful for the ease and convenience of the mail order system, too!!! Thank you for this!

Fabiana Jackson

Banisteriopsis Caapi 60ml (2 oz.)

Kornelia Balogh
First time microfossils

It’s been one week now and I definitely noticed some of the things other people mentioned too, such as decreased appetite, more focus, more calm, and I definitely notice the gentle nudging and wisdom of the medicine that I was hoping for. I’m eager to continue the journey…