Ra'peh (Ha'pey)
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What is Ra'pe?

Ra'pe is often made of several Amazonian plants. The core of most Ra'pe snuffs is the tobacco species Nicotiana rustica. This Amazonian tobacco, also known as mapacho, is used extensively in tribal rituals and is much stronger than N. tabacum, the type of tobacco found in cigarettes.


In addition to the tobacco, ra’pe. usually includes the alkaline ashes of other plants such as cinnamon, tonka bean, clover, banana peel, or mint, but many shamans keep the exact ingredients of their particular ra’pe a secret.

To many indigenous cultures of the Americas, tobacco is a sacred plant known to cleanse both individuals and ceremonial spaces. Ra’pe (pronounced “ha-pey”) is considered to be a powerful, cleansing snuff used by shamans in Brazil and Peru as part of important medicinal rituals.



Ra'pe is sourced from a number of indigenous tribes in the Amazonian regions of Brazil and Peru, including the Apurina, Huitoto (or Witoto), Kanamari, Katukina, Kaxinawa, Kuntanawa, Matses, Nukini, Shanenawa, and the Yawanawa. Often, a blend’s name will include the name of the tribe and sometimes the name of the shaman who made it.



Benefits of Ra'pe

  • Helps focus and sharpen the mind.
  • Clears a person or space of distracting, bad energies in preparation for intention setting.
  • Detoxes both body and mind and clears your energetic field. Because of this, rapé is often used in conjunction with ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Clears sinuses of mucus and bacteria, thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments.
  • Provides a calming, grounding effect on the emotions that lasts much longer that the initial sensation.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other treatments for addiction and mental illness.

Properties of the selection:

NU NU – AUTHENTIC Matses snuff made by a master in the traditional way. Fresh jungle tobaccos and the inner bark of Mocambo or Theobroma Bicolor. 3-4 grams over 30-40 minutes needed for the full-on Matses hunting experience but only do this with a sitter and if you are very experienced with very strong hapay. Normal doses will still be interesting and very healing. Alert, energizing and feel-good factor. 

YAWANAWA ANAMU – Grounding, Balance and focus. Also good for sinus issues and clearing away curses! 

NUKINI HIGH VIBRATION - Tsunu, Mapacho Light, Manaca and Cetico and other plants. Heart connection, energizing, increases libido

NUKINI HIGH ENERGY - Tsunu, Mapacho Light, Manaca and Cetico and other plants. Physical connection, energizing, in body

YAWANAWA – Blend of pure Jungle tobaccos – powerful and visionary – spirit of the Jaguar. Be sure to blow high into the nostrils as it can burn at first. You may feel tingling, numbness and elevated heart rate at first too. Additional doses intensify visuals. Grounding.

COLOMBIAN HUG of LIGHT -  Bobinsana, Mapacho, - heart-opening, connection to spirit, plant teacher  

 KATUKINA PASSIFLORA – Mapacho, Tsunu, Passiflora – mood-enhancing, meditative, healing, connection to self  

NUKINI CUMACEBA – Uplifting and energising. Opens up sexual energy

NUKINI FORCA (JAGUAR) – Jungle tobaccos and ashes with master plants blend. Powerful, visionary, connection to forest spirits, strong energy

ORINOCO WARRIOR – Mapacho free rapé.  seeds and herbs from the Venezuelan Amazon. 

KAMANAWA CAMANAGUA with Piri Piri – Focus, concentration and high energy

KAXINAWA MASCULINO MARIRI – Strong, grounding, and sense enhancing with Black vine, Pixuri, and white Tsunu

HUNI KUIN NISSURAL –  Relaxing rapé from the Kaxinawa tribe containing Nissural, medicinal herbs and other forest plants. Spiritual connection.

CABOCLA JUREMA PRETA – Parica and Jurema bark ashes, Jurema roots, Mapacho. Moves and cleans the energy and increases dreams and intuition. Opens the channels of connection to the animal kingdom. Mother Cabocla energy

YAMINAWA TSUNU CLASSIC - Pao Pereira, mixed Mapachos and Amyruca. Super powerful, cleansing and supremely energizing


Harmala Alkaloids

The particularly potent variety of tobacco called Nicotiana rustica contains high amounts of beta-carbolines, including the harmala alkaloids harmane and norharmane. These alkaloids are also found in the Amazonian vine Banisteriopsis caapi, one of the principal ingredients in ayahuasca. They are MAO-inhibitors that stimulate the body’s central nervous system by inhibiting hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine. The presence of these harmala alkaloids supports evidence that tobacco has antidepressant properties similar to those of ayahuasca and other psychedelics. These biochemical qualities would help explain the “grounding” feeling experienced by many people.

Our base product comes from our sustainable source in Peru. It is harvested on the full moon then prayed over and blessed by the plant gatherers and makers while the extract is being made. The drops are made here in California on the full moon to harvest the energy of the moon as well. They are made in a laboratory setting while praying and singing mantras by everyone. Later they are given a live sound bath with gongs and crystal bowls while placed on blocks of selenite crystals to get charged. Besides the amazing plant medicine and its powerful spirit, so much love goes into these bottles. You will feel all that vibration when you microdose. Our whole team is personally involved in the whole process. Madre's message has come to us very clearly. It's our mission and purpose to bring these plants in the highest quality with integrity and love to all who are called and seek the healing of the plants. 


Please consult your doctor before you use this plant extract as Banisteriopsis caapi is a natural MAO inhibitor and should not be taken while taking any MAO or SSR inhibitors, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, sleeping meds, any supplements or herbs that contain MAOIs or SSRIs, and breastfeeding or pregnant.

There are no known side effects for micro-dosing Banisteriopsis caapi alone. However, Banisteriopsis caapi contains MAO inhibiting compounds and when consumed, these compounds pose a very serious risk if taken with or within close proximity to many different herbs, drugs, & supplements that contain MAOIs and SSRIs. Please exercise caution and refer to available research regarding combinations with Banisteriopsis caapi.


The statements made on this website have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases. This herb is not FDA approved for any medicinal, cosmetic, dietary, or supplemental use. Customers must be over 18 years of age to purchase anything from this site. Research all items and consult your doctor before using them.